Iniciatyva "Švarus vairuotojas" Vilniuje, Kaune ir Klaipėdoje

On a warm midsummer day, Lithuanian police invited drivers to friendly “Clean driver” raids in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda. Many drivers responded to the invitation, filling up the majority of the parking spaces at raid locations. Total of 150 drivers, who have not violated the Road Traffic Rules in recent year, were awarded gifts and the title of “Clean driver”.
Drivers who participated in raids, were able to check their driving history, communicate with the police officers from the Lithuanian Police Department about problems or ask questions they had. Special gifts from “Švaros broliai” and “Bolt” were also awarded to drivers, who were responsible on the road and showed a good example to others. Every raid participant was treated with ice cream “Pols”.
Since September of last year, the start of the “Clean driver” initiative, there has been 10 raids, with more than 1,300 people participating. Currently, the title of “Clean driver” has been awarded to 750 drivers. By putting the gifted sticker of the initiative on their car, the drivers make a commitment not only to continue being responsible on the road but also to encourage other traffic members to behave in the same way.

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